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How to become a NSG commando – National Security Guard

How to become a NSG commando - National Security Guard

NSG (National Security Guard) COMMANDOS are also Known as Black Cats is a special team is appointed for unwanted situations like Protection of VIP’s Terrorist Attack, Rescue Operations, Situation Handling, Hijacking Handling, Bomb Disposal etc.

Raised in 1984 following Operation Blue Star and the assassination of Indira Gandhi, “for combating terrorist activities with a view to protect states against internal disturbances”.

NSG is under the authority of Ministry of Home Affairs. However, it is not categorized under the uniform nomenclature of Central Armed Police Forces.



There are 2 Types of Forces in NSG –

  • SRG(Special Ranger Group)– For Protection of VIP’s
    It is reserved for Central Armed Police Forces (CRPF, BSF, SSB, CISF, ITBP)


  • SAG(Special Action Group)-For Operations like Terrorism, Hijacking, Bomb Disposal
    It is mainly Reserved for Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force)

Recruitment’s in NGS is done by Paramilitary Forces & Indian Armed Forces.



How to Join in NSG –

  • Decide what rank or function you want to achieve in the NSG. You can join either Special Action Group (SAG) or Special Rangers Group (SRG); both are divisions of the NSG. There are certain age requirements so it is best that you plan ahead and have a clear goal for your future in the NSG.
  • Check if you meet all the application criteria, such as age, service experience, education and physical and health standards. The criteria would depend on the rank you are applying for. You should also have no red-ink entry, no criminal record and have no punishment record in the last three years you are in the service.
  • Submit to a complete medical exam, which will include a physical and psychological evaluation. Keep the document that you will be given after you complete the exam. You will need this when you apply for the National Security Guard training program. The only acceptable medical evaluation for joining the National Security Guard is ‘A’.
  • Apply for a National Security Guard training program in Manesar, which is near Delhi. There are a number of different courses in the program, such as a bomb disposal course, VIP driving course and left-wing extremism course. Check the NSG website for information about accommodations, schedules. and fees regarding the training program.
  • Apply to become an official member of the National Security Guard. Fill out the application form and pay the required fee. Prepare the documents that prove you have completed the training, served in the army or another recognizable government service and passed the medical exam. Then send the complete documentation to the NSG headquarters in Mehram Nagar, New Delhi.
  • Wait for the confirmation from the National Security Guard office.
  • Additional preparations for the training program, such as sports activities, gym classes, and martial arts lessons are highly recommended.
  • Being a member of an elite special force is a privilege, but is also extremely dangerous. Make sure not to mislead your physician about any kind of medical condition that could put you or others in danger.



NSG Commando Qualifications –

You should be working in any one of the following Departments:

  • ITBP(Indo-Tibetian Border Police)
  • BSF(Border Security Force)
  • SSB (Sashastra Seema Bal)
  • CISF(Central Industrial Security Forces)
  • CRFP(Central Reserve Police Force)
  • High-Grade Officers in Army

Officers in These Departments are allowed to work for NSG if being selected through Physical Standards tests.

Qualitative Requirements (QRs) for Deputation to NSG

  • Age Factor (in years)

a. Sepoys / Consts below 30

b. NCOs / UOs below 38

c. JCOs / SOs below 43

d. Officers

(i) Team Commander below 42

(ii) Squadron Commander below 47

(iii) Group Commander below 52

  • Service Experience Factor (in terms of minimum years of service)

a. Sepoys / Consts – 2

b. NCOs / UOs – 1

c. JCOs / SOs – 1

d. Officers – No restriction

  • Health Factor

Medical Category ‘A’ for all categories and ranks

  • Training Factor

Preference will be given to those who have done professional/technical training courses in recognized training institutions

  • Service Factor

a. Punishment

b. General ACR

Punishment free record for three years and no major punishment during entire service


NSG Training Duration –

The National Security Guard Training Centre is located at Manesar in Haryana about 50 km from New Delhi. The 14 month training program commences with the basic training which lasts for 3 months (90 days). The basic training includes physical fitness that has 26 elements, ranging from a cross-country obstacle course to jumping from heights and across divides and scaling different kinds of terrain. The training prepares the commandos to handle sophisticated communication equipment, combat gadgets and different kinds of arms/ specialized weapons such as AK-47/ 74s, browning hi-power 9mm pistols, etc. and bolt-action Mauser SP66/ 86SR which is specifically deployed for anti-terror/ anti-hijacking operations. There is a target shooting session at the end of the obstacle course meant to test the aspirant’s performance under conditions of stress and exhaustion.

Those who successfully complete the basic training are sent for nine months of advanced training.

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Advanced Training familiarises the NSG personnel with state-of-the-art surveillance gadgets and other sophisticated equipment. The advanced training unit has a superb bomb disposal squad unit. Advanced training also covers ‘combat room shoot’ in which commandos have to enter a dark room, adjust their vision to the darkness and shoot at a target within three seconds by torchlight or a compatible laser image intensifier.

Similar training is also conducted under discotheque strobe lights. Shooting skills are honed at an electronic combat shooting range, which is divided into 11 zones and spread over 400 metres. Recruits have to cover the distance in 6.30 minutes and fire at 29 targets along the way, with the target exposure time between two and three seconds and the targets are of all kinds – vertically rising, popping out, moving and rotating.

The faster a person engages the target the more points he scores. It is not just non-reactive targets that they practice against. In twin room shooting, rival combatants enter contiguous rooms and watch each other’s movements on a screen. They are supposed to neutralize each other by shooting at the screen. The exercise tests the combatant’s response time and accuracy under near-field conditions. The men are also put through a battle inoculation program where they have to stand right next to the target while one of their partners shoots at it.

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Only those who complete the entire course successfully are inducted into the NSG and given further specialized training. Some NSG personnel are sent to Israel for advanced training. Though it is not known exactly what training they receive, it could probably be the CT/HRT course with Unit 707.

For maintaining the young profile of the force, troops are rotated and sent back to their parent organizations after serving in the NSG for three to five years.


NSG Commando Ranks –

  • Army

JCO – Junior Commissioned Officer

NCO – Non-Commissioned Officer

OR – Other Ranks


  • Central Police Organisations (CPOs)

SO – Subordinate Officer

UO – Under Officer

Insp – Inspector

Sub Insp – Sub Inspector

Consts – Constables


NSG Commando Salary –

An NSG Commando gets the same pay scale as that of his counterpart in other Police branches. Personnel below officer rank probably start off with around Rs. 21,000/- per month, the JCO officers start off with 40,000.

Officers above JCO are usually from the Class-I officers from the Army and the IPS, and their pay structures are well-known. Their actual salary starts with 50,000/- per month and according to their ranks it goes on increasing. Generally the salary is decided according to the ranks of NSG Commando.